All cryogenic processes are not the same.  Some companies performing cryogenic thermal cycling provide only shallow cryogenics of -120 degrees fahrenheit.  While this does improve the structural integrity over stock components, our process provides a consistent temperature of -320 degrees F.  Our  Vari-Cold (TM) process also includes a heat cycle to relieve internal stress caused during manufacturing thus delivering superior structural integrity, durability and wear resistance.

For years the cryogenic process has been very time consuming and costly but due to recent technological developments it has become more affordable and cost effective for even the smallest of applications with greatly reduced lead time.

Cryogenic cycling  is by no means new to the racing industry.  It has already been introduced to and used regularly by well known names in Winston Cup racing, NHRA, CART, Legends, SCCA, NASCAR and others.  After successful results with auto racing, it was introduced to the Kart racing industry and has been used from Purple Plate divisions to unlimited shifter karts from Florida to Canada with tremendous success. 

Peak performance and durability is vital to any racing application not only to win but to prolong the life of engines, transmissions, brake rotors as well as various other costly components thus greatly reducing the operating cost of any race team.

Racing applications are only one area where our
Vari-Cold (TM) Cryogenic process will provide valuable benefits.

Other applications include Sporting, Industrial, Medical and Machine shop equipment.  Items such as gun barrels, pistol frames, bows & arrows, golf balls, golf club heads, metal golf club shafts, aluminum bats, drill bits, saw blades, dies & punches, chain saw blades and much, much mor