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Race teams have found deep cryogenic engine processing to give them an edge on the competition.  With the engine components cryoed they can save money on parts and run more on the edge without constant fear of burn down or breakdown.

The advantage that the cryogenic process brings is a significant increase in abrasive wear resistance and durability.  These are accompanied by increases in tensile strength, toughness and dimensional stability coupled with the release of internal residuel stresses.

Cryogenically processed motors and othe components have less vibration, less burn downs and less distortion.  Treated piston rings seal better against treated cylinder walls reducing blow-by equaling more HP and torque.  Race car brake rotors see a 3-5 time life increase after cryo, resisting cracking and warping.  Cryoed brake rotors also result in a much longer brake pad life.

Typical Engine Applications

Pistons / Pins / Rings               Heads               Jugs / Cylinders          Brake Rotors

Cylinder Sleeves                     Spark Plugs       Valves                        Blocks

Gears / Chain / Sprockets        Camshafts         Drive / Jack Shafts     Springs

Transmission                           Clutches            Crankshafts              Connecting Rods

Lifters                                     Push Rods                        Ring & Pinion Gears
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Cryogenics is not a coating but a one-time, permanent process that penetrates completely through the entire material structure.  Tools may be re-sharpened and receive the benefits until they are completely worn out.
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Tools cryogenically treated will typically have an increased life span of up to 300% or higher over untreated tooling.  The cost of the Deep Cryogenic process for metals is inexpensive, on average approximately 5 to 10% of the cost of the tool.  When you consider the increased tool life of up to 300% and the reduction in down time it is extremely cost-effective.  Cryogenic processing can reduce your annual perishable tooling cost by an average of 25% to 30%.  Cryogenics enables the manufacturer to improve profit margins, improve productivity and gain increases to market share with a superior product.

Typical Metal Working Industrial Applications

End Mills               Hammer Mills               Broaches               Cutting Tools

Form Tools            Gears                            Shear Blades          Band Saw Blades

Bearings                Drill Bits                       Punches                 Dies / Taps

Forging Dies          Lathe Tools                   Hobs                       Grinding Blades

                              Cutters                         Extruders

Typical Plastic & Rubber Industry Applications

Molds          Dicers               Trimmers          Granulator Blades          Mill Knives

             DME Dies    Bias Cutters      Extruder Dies     Screws / Barrels

Typical Paper & Corrugated Board Industry Applications

Chipper Knives          Jordan Bars          Circular Perforating Wheels     Sheeters

Refiner Disks             Label Dies            Cut-Off Knives                         Razor Blades

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